My name is Babes Tan-Magkalas and I'm the owner of MJ Publishing House. The letters M & J actually stand for Martin and Joey, my 2 beloved dogs. They're both now in doggie heaven. They gave me so much joy when they were alive that I thought I'd name my self-publishing business after them.

I'm obviously a dog lover but I also love coloring books! In fact, they serve as my stress relievers. They also serve as a channel where new ideas and concepts are born. Let me explain. For a long time, I was in a job which required a lot of thinking and analysis. When I needed to come up with ideas or conceptual frameworks for new programs or projects and no matter how I tried, nothing

came out of my mind, I would take out a coloring book, start coloring and sooner or later, new ideas and concepts would just pop out of my mind! Sounds weird? But it's true!

MJ Publishing House focuses on publishing what we call "info coloring books" both for kids and the young-at-heart.

Info coloring books contain not just line art or images to color but information about the images to color as well. This is what makes us different from others - we publish coloring books not just for people to color but also to learn from.

For our initial offering, we created dog-breed specific info coloring books featuring the 5 most popular dog breeds in North America - labrador retrievers, golden retrievers, german shepherds, english bulldogs and beagles.

Aside from being a dog lover, I'm also a blogger. I mostly blog about how to pray effectively, the power of God's Word, and St. Joseph.

This is why MJ Publishing House also designs Bible Verse info coloring pages which feature short bible verses worth remembering plus an explanation of the verse and its life application. For now, they are just info coloring pages, not coloring books yet but in the near future, we will come up with Bible verse info coloring books as well.


























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